From Young Adults that went through Glory Gang

Peter Brewer

Well for me glory gang has always been like a second home I would always look forward to coming to glory gang. Glory gang is where I got saved at 7 years old . I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing if it wasn’t for Pastor Richard ,Chase, Devin etc… but in 2013 I went traveling in the summer with pastor Richard and we were doing visitation in Corpus Christi As we were doing that God told he has a plan for me and that plan is for me to be a street preacher /kids minister. So that’s my testimony Glory Gang has had a big impact on my life and will continue to have an Impact on mine and hundreds of other

Lauren Pack

Glory Gang was a life changing experience for me! I attended the services when I was younger and then moved on to become a junior worker when I was in the 6th grade. While I was going to the services I experienced God in such a miraculous! At an alter call one Sunday night I gave my life to Christ and from that moment on God had a different position in my soul than He did before. Once I became a Junior Worker He continued to work wonders. I had a hard life growing up but every Sunday was special to me because even though life was hectic back home I could come to Glory Gang and be shown the love of God and get to experience his hand on the hundreds of children that came. I saw myself in them and when they cried during worship and gave their lives over to God I was touched. Glory Gang was my family and home away from home, and to this day still is. I’m glad to be a Glory Gang native and be apart of something that changes the world and changes souls through the power of God working through the crew’s hands. Pastor Richard, Ms. Dottie, Chase and Devin Konderla, and many more have never let go of leading me to Christ. I am forever changed because they allowed God to work through them and minister to me and today I see them doing exactly the same thing. Ministering to young people and children alike. The Lord has blessed this ministry and hundreds of kids and teens throughout the years have been changed for eternity. Souls have been saved and mine is one of them. Glory Gang is Home.